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Canadian Patent Attorney Protecting Your Licensed Products

Canadian patent Attorney

Every business owner would go to that extreme to shield their licensed products and no one could serve you superior than a qualified Canadian patent attorney. One of the chief objectives of our legal professional is to provide unswerving and pragmatic solutions to every customer who wants to obtain protection for new inventions, ideas, concepts and products. He will put into practice international patent protection strategies and do regular follow-ups with nationwide and overseas patent officers to protect your intellectual properties.

For Corporations

If you are a business corporation looking for rational guidance to protect your innovations by patents and/or designs, or are you looking for brand fortification through trademark registration, then our Patent Agent can help you. Our aim is to help you accomplish quality protection for your IP.

We give advice in all areas of intellectual property protection – copyright, trademark, and design. From the preliminary filing of a patent or trademark submission, through the prosecution method to enforcement, we strive to provide a strapping level of support at an inexpensive price that is tailored to your business processes. Let us be your seamless extension to the world of trademarks, patents and designs.

We have both in-house patent and “virtual” in-house hands on corporate intellectual property experience in introduction processes for corporations and institutions that selectively turn disclosures into a patent portfolio best fitting to their company needs. We can lend a hand to you in identifying and ranking qualitatively the significance your inventions and brand name to your company.

These procedures allow corporations and institutions to categorize and rank the commercial magnitude of inventions stemming from their novelty and focus patenting expenses on such identified inventions.

We like working with you as an annex of your business needs in the patent and trademark field.

Our patent attorney Canada is proactive and believes that like attract like. So if you are of like mind, let us work together in protecting your intellectual property assets.

Patent Attorney Canada

Foreign Associates
Our patent attorney Canada provides advice in all areas of intellectual property protection – patent, trademark, and design. From the initial filing of a patent or brand request, through the prosecution procedure to enforcement, we are here to provide a strong intensity of support at a reasonable price.

We have experience in working with Foreign IP Associates and Corporate IP Departments from around the world. We offer cost effective filing and prosecution solutions for patents and trademarks before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

We have an annuity service for payment of Canadian maintenance and renewal fees on patent applications, patents and trademark registrations.

We are approachable to your requests and needs and like to mold our relationship in a manner that allows us to proficiently work with you. Our ambition is to be a flawless extension of your IP practice in Canada before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

So if you are in quest of a long term relationship with a Canadian Patent Attorney and Patent Agent, then we look ahead to being able to forge such a relationship with your firm that adds value to your firm and your clients.