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When to Visit Our Canadian Patent Office

Canadian patent Office

A patent is, at its simplest, a monopoly that the Canadian government and other governments across the globe, grants to investors for a period of time for exclusive right to manufacture, sell, import and use a new-fangled invention. In exchange, our society gains revelation of the invention and free use of it after the copyright expires, which is how innovation is fostered.

There are three basic criteria to register a patent:

  • An invention or product must be new in the sense that it was not made overtly available before you filed a first patent application covering it. The applicant has to be the original discoverer, or his or her assignee, and not somebody who has taken a product or method developed by someone else.
  • The invention must show usefulness in that it is handy and works as it is supposed to. So if your “perpetual motion machine” does not work, then the device will not be patentable.
  • Your invention must show creative ingenuity and not be palpable to somebody who may be accomplished in that particular discipline.
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