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patent axis

PatentAxis Inc. – Recognized as a top Patent Law Firm in Canada

Canadian patent agents providing patent services including patent search, patent application preparation, and further patent advisory and patent consultant functions.

Address of Patent Axis - SUITE 602 - 67 YONGE STREET, TORONTO, ON M5E 1J8.

Patents Solutions And How We Work

PatentAxis is a patent law firm offering patent services to protect your innovation and inventions. Patent advisors, including patent agents or patent attorneys, provide proper guidance for your patent strategy and help in simplifying and sourcing as many IP experts as needed to tailor a patent application filing to your business goals. If you run a business corporation or have simply a startup, we can be the ultimate patent advisory to protect your creation and ideas with various patents in Canada and elsewhere around the World.

PatentAxis accesses teams of patent experts within Canada and globally, including patent agents, patent attorney, and patent lawyers as needed, to help you find the best solution at an effective rate and to identify and provide practical significance to your patents. If you are looking for a permanent solution to safeguard your invention, you can consult us for reliable solutions.

Advisor For Foreign Patents

In an intricately connected World, an effective patent strategy is rarely limited to a single country and quite often International patent applications initiate pursuit of patent protection in multiple patenting jurisdictions. PatentAxis is experienced in navigating the International patent application (also often referred to as Patent Cooperation Treaty application or PCT application) process to extract benefits with cost efficacy. On the other hand, a practical and reliable solution is provided to foreign clients so that they can get the required patent protection for new ideas, inventions, and concepts. Generally, foreign clients may be able to leverage an originating application already filed and prosecuted in a foreign country, to ease counterpart prosecution of a related Canadian patent application filing you are not from Canada but want to get Canadian patent help, PatentAxis has the patent advisor or patent agent needed to help you in any way possible. A streamlined approach and practical solutions are provided to secure patent grant or analyze existing patents or for any other patent service.

In many cases, clients are interested in securing a Canadian patent. However, others may need an analysis of a Canadian patent landscape in a target technology area. Still, others may be interested in commercializing a patent in Canada. The various business objectives are addressed by bringing forward a patent agent or patent layer as needed, to provide guidance and agency in an effective and practical manner.

Why choose Patent Axis?

The reputation of any patent firm depends on the way they deal with various types of patent issues. PatentAxis can expertly navigate procedures at the patent office in Canada as well as various patent offices in other countries. For Canadian patent protection, both national and international clients are served with prudent and pragmatic options to respond to patent office communications. For international patent protection strategies, cooperation with trusted patent agents or patent lawyers in each targeted country is seamless to carry out locally prepared instructions.

Prompt and consistent client communication is a cornerstone of the client service model. Client patenting objectives are understood and valued, and best efforts are always made to provide a practical path to achieve the objectives.

The patenting process can be complex with many nuanced options. PatentAxis has the experience to both execute and explain steps and options in each patent prosecution, and stand ready to discuss any patent query.

What we specialize in:

PatentAxis is well known as Canadian patent experts for the perfect on-time patent solutions we offer:

  • Patent search using Canadian patent and International patent databases.
  • Patent preparation, filing and prosecution, including International patent applications.
  • Patent expert assessment of business objectives to develop patent filing strategies and manage patent portfolios.
  • Educational session between patent agent and client – for a thorough knowledge of the patent process.
  • Cost effective consultation charges.

Consultation sessions can be carried out over the phone or in person at the PatentAxis office in 67 Yonge Street #602, Toronto, Canada.