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Canadian Patent Search

When you are planning to get the patent, trademark and license for your invention or ideas, Patent Axis can help you. All our lawyers have experience in efficiently handling patent issues or henceforth. If you have been searching for patent solutions, your search will end right here. We are happy to offer you the exact patent search results for the Canada region.

The conceding of the patent under the Canadian government is under the restricted jurisdiction of the Canadian federal government. Our patent advisors are thorough with the patent laws and the updates that come up every year. The enforcement of the Canadian patent is the accountability of the Canadian federal court and with the help of the patent lawyer, you can make sure that you get a fair idea about what needs to done and how. Being aware of the laws and regulation and being the subject matter expert our advisors can help you in getting the best result for the patent search in Canada.

We work according to the requirement

There are few things that cannot be patented. This mainly includes new plant matters, some computer programs, and medical treatment within the body. However, we can help you with the process and make sure that you get the result of the patent search done.

Adhere to our patent advisors

We are here to help you with the international protection of products and discoveries as per the global treaties. The Canadian patent search is done based on the requirement and the things that you have to keep in mind. We help in filling date in case of urgency. You can come and speak to our advisors to understand the entire process and legal obligations.

We understand that your invention is important and in order help, you protect and preserve it under your name, we can help you get the best patent search and thereby offer proper solutions.

Count of our registered patent lawyer and agent and end your patent search!