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Filing Patent Application in Canada

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The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has two main branches – the Canadian Patent Office and the Canadian Receiving Office – that are related to different types of patent applications. The Canadian Patent Office branch processes applications that are either directly filed in Canada or enter Canada as a national phase application from an International PCT application, and this branch handles the greater volume of the two branches. The Canadian Receiving Office branch accepts and examines International PCT applications filed by Canadian applicants, and interfaces with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization to ensure proper processing of the filed International PCT application.

PatentAxis is well versed in preparing and filing all such types of patent applications and can provide guidance and criteria that should be considered to determine a filing strategy suited to a client’s business plan and objectives.

Preparing and filing patent applications requires much more than simply filing out a few forms. Even inventions of minimal complexity can require more than 10 pages of detailed description and more than 5 drawings to prepare a patent application that is sufficiently comprehensive to withstand and overcome a rigorous scrutiny that occurs during examination in a patent office. Therefore, preparing a patent application is time-intensive and expensive.

While all clients are eager to manage costs, it is important to note that a goal of containing costs is not the same as minimizing costs. A balance should be struck between cost and quality. Choosing the lowest cost service provider should not be the goal. Rather one should choose a patent agent or lawyer that appears to have the best skill set with a pricing in a lower range.

An educated and engaged inventor or applicant can reduce patent fees charged by a patent agent or patent lawyer. The following approaches can help contain costs during preparation and filing of a patent application in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office or any other patent office.
Patent lawyer Canada
Investing time to do an initial patentability search
An extensive and comprehensive patentability search can involve searching different combinations of keywords in different patent and non-patent databases to identify existing documents that are similar to the invention. Inventors are typically in a good position to take on this task due to their intimate knowledge of the invention. Providing the patent professional with a list of the relevant existing documents allows the patent lawyer or agent to spend less time searching and more time preparing the patent application.
Preparing good quality drawings
A picture is worth a 1000 words. A clear set of drawings are often the best way to describe an invention. An inventor that can prepare all drawings themselves can ask for a reduction in costs on this basis.
Preparing a description of each drawing
An inventor that is willing to provide a clear and detailed written description of each drawing can reduce time required for a patent agent or lawyer to assess and describe basic aspects of a proposed invention leaving more time to describe nuances and prepare a robust claim strategy so that the prepared patent application is more likely to withstand robust challenge and scrutiny as can occur during patent office examination.
Preparing a list of variants
Variants encompass everything from a barely workable version of the invention to a spare-no-expenses best possible version of the invention. Providing a complete list of variants allows the patent agent or lawyer to more quickly position an invention in light of existing documents identified in the search and to more quickly determine a claim strategy.
Preparing a list of benefits and uses
Similar to the list of variants a complete list of the potential commercial or research applications of an invention can allow the patent professional to more quickly position an invention in light of existing documents identified in the search.

Regardless of client experience and sophistication in a patent application process, PatentAxis ensures that multiple strategies for enhancing robustness of a patent application are considered so that the finalized prepared patent application exceeds client expectations.

Benefits of patenting your products:
  • Grab more and more investors
  • Protect and safeguard your invention or ideas from your competition
  • Sell your licensed idea to a company interested in making and/or selling your invention.
It is really important to understand the entire procedure and Patent Axis is always here to assist you with faultless patent application and ensure your products and ideas well protected.