Fee Structure

The patent process takes time and is complex. A patent application is much more than filling out a set of forms. Patent applications are usually greater than 10 pages in length. The first official step is to file a patent application within a specific country or internationally with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reserving the right for future entry into over 130 different countries including Canada and USA. From the time of filing an application to receiving a patent can be at least 3 years, and often requires extensive written and/or verbal communications with Canadian patent examiners as well as examiners in other designated patent jurisdictions. Thus, predicting a cost for the entire patent process is impossible due to the complexity and time span involved.

PatentAxis Inc. can provide fixed cost estimates for each stage of the patent process. Clients that choose this option are provided with an assurance as to the cost for a specific stage prior to initiation of any work.

Fees vary depending on technology area of an invention and patent filing strategy.

No matter what the type of invention or desired patent filing strategy, a client opting to receive a fixed cost estimate from PatentAxis will benefit from a fee structure built on principles of efficiency, dependability, and quality.

  • Efficiency : Providing estimates in advance of all patent agent, lawyer or attorney work to allow clients to efficiently budget patent costs.

  • Dependability :Honouring estimates. Being based on extensive patent experience, estimates are accurate. No hidden or unexpected fees in the invoice.

  • Quality :  Prioritizing quality so that estimates are never lowered to the point of compromising quality of a patent work product. Quality is always kept in focus.

The easiest way to take advantage of customer-friendly fee structures at PatentAxis is to arrange for a free information session either over the phone or in person at the PatentAxis office in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   

The information session is run by a patent agent registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). Further patent professionals such as patent lawyers, patent attorneys, licensing or litigation specialists are brought in as needed. Patent professionals speaking at the session will typically be members of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC).

The information session can provide a detailed and customized patent filing strategy for Canada and internationally as well as associated costs based on an understanding of the technology area, development cycle and commercialization objectives of a proposed invention.

As a general guideline, a patent application can be prepared and filed for as little as $3500 Canadian.  Fees will typically be cheaper to search, prepare, file, or prosecute a traditional technology such as household, recreational or automotive devices without many moving or electrical parts, and costlier for emerging technologies such as computer-implemented methods, medical devices and  biotechnology inventions. Another factor that can affect the level of fees is the proximity of an invention to existing technologies, and the number of patent documents relating to the existing technologies. Greater numbers of existing patent documents relating to an invention typically correlate with increased cost.

Cost to file a Canadian application based on an existing International application can be as little as $1000 Canadian.

The PatentAxis commitment to efficiency, dependability and quality insures that options suggested during the patenting process are based on client goals and benefit. So, to gain an understanding of patent filing options with confidence as to costs associated with each option, call now to arrange an information session with a registered patent agent in the PatentAxis office in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.