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Intellectual Property Consultation

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If you are looking for a good consultation service to understand your options for intellectual property protection or analysis, PatentAxis stands ready with a patent agent or lawyer to help you out. Before you proceed in respect of an intellectual property concern, a prudent approaches to take the consultation to receive education and guidance as to potential risks and benefits. Here are some of the consultation services provided by PatentAxis:


This is a service that provides analysis of a proposed invention and possible patent office rejection based on similarity of the proposed invention to that of any identified prior published patent application or non-patent literature.

Patent Infringement:

This service provides analysis of a client’s commercial product to assess risk that the commercial product is encompassed by one or more claims of an existing and active identified patent.

Design around:

This service provides analysis of a client’s commercial product to propose changes or modification to the commercial product to reduce risk of infringement in relation to an identified patent.


This service gives a consultation about any identified patent, and assesses options for attacking or challenging a good standing of the indentified patent.